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AMA Info
In model aircraft, AMA does NOT refer to doctors, although I know some doctors who are members.

This particular version of 'AMA' is the Academy of Model Aeronautics, an organization based in Muncie, IN, that institutes standards for model aircraft, flying fields, pilots, and competitions.  Members come from around the world, with most in North America, who enjoy the hobby and the fellowship it promotes.

AMA members come from all walks of life, in all ages, from young pilots who learned to fly at an early age, to some in their 90's.  I personally know a 92 year old who still flies.  Most are unknown outside their local clubs, but others, such as Space Shuttle pilot Hoot Gibson, designer & aviator Dick Rutan, and auto racer Juan Pablo Montoya, are known through most of the world.

The AMA charters our flying fields, provides guidance on operations, and works with local, state, and federal governments in the areas of flight rules and flying site aquisition and retention.  With the advent of quad(+)copters, aerial camera systems, privacy concerns, and safety for operators, civilians, and full-scale aircraft, the organization is busy keeping the concerns of the modeling community in front of regulatory bodies.

The AMA certifies local, regional, national, and international competitions, with performance measured on speed, flight time, distance travelled, appearance, detail to full-scale aircraft, or flight pattern, or a combination of these items.

For more information visit the  AMA web site.