Headwaters R/C Club
Headwaters Fun Fly 2015
The 2015 Fun Fly was held August 29 with open flying August 30, 25 pilots registered, and most flew, highlighted by a seven year old from Lake George who put many of us to shame.  He and his father flew often, including a few flights with matching planes.  Both also participated in a couple rounds of  'blue foamy' combat with 4 other pilots, but there were no knockdowns.  A few pilots had better days, in particular Jerry T, who tried to drill a well in the middle of the runway with his (late) Stik.  (Observer's question - "What's a '2-bagger'?")  Manfred D. had the hatch pop open on his foamy Cub and bombed the tall grass with his battery, but the Cub floated down to a soft and undamaged landing.  A number of kids (including a few 'big' kids) kept the flight simulator busy most of Saturday, and 3 people took info on the program, maybe future pilots on the way.  One youngster took an AMA app and wanted to join the club that day, but mom cooled him off for a bit.  There were no incidents and most observed the flight restrictions and buffer zone without reminders.