Dated February 10th, 2008, Rev.11/10/2010, Rev. 11/06/14

1.    The HEADWATERS R/C FLYING CLUB (HRCFC) has been chartered with the AMA and has obtained site owner liability insurance.It will be the responsibility of the HRCFC president to submit any further required forms and necessary fees to the AMA in a timely manner.

2.    All HRCFC members are required to be AMA members in good standing.Proof of membership by AMA Identification card must be shown to the HRCFC treasurer at the time dues are paid.  This is to be noted on the club roster with the member’s AMA number.

3.    All flight operations at the HRCFC field will be in accordance with AMA safety rules.(These rules can be expanded to include any additions deemed necessary by HRCFC officers and members after being voted upon by a majority of members).


a). Initiation fees for all new members will be $25.00 plus prorated annual dues fee based on the remainder of the fiscal year, the fiscal year being January 1st through December 31st.

b). Annual dues for all members including officers will be $25.00 payable by October 31
st for the next calendar year.  If a member fails to pay their dues for the Headwaters RC Flying Club by October 31st, they will be required to pay their dues plus the initiation fees as a new member to rejoin the club. AMA dues for the next calendar year are due by December 31st.

c). Other than the exceptions stated in paragraphs 7 and 8, any assessments will be shared equally by all active members.


a).  Elections are to be completed at the September meeting of each year.

b). The President/recording secretary will notify those members whom are out of town, of pending elections and dues requirements.

c).Absentee votes and proxies will be accepted and retained by the treasurer and counted on the day of the elections.

d).Election of officers and Board of Director positions needing filling will require two thirds of the HRCFC membership present at the meeting.  Votes of those present at the meeting in addition to absentee ballots or proxies will be counted.

e).Term of office will be one year following elections.

f).Incumbent officers terms can be extended one year on request of incumbent and approved by a
quorum majority of the HRCFC members.  Incumbent Vice-President shall become the President, the following year.  President's term shall be one year only.  However, he can be elected Vice-President upon leaving office.


g). A quorum shall be established as one third (1/3) of the total club membership.



a). Persons desiring membership in HRCFC must be members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) previous to being accepted into Headwater Radio Control Flying Club.  (See 4a above).


a).  Junior memberships are awarded to individuals whom are 18 years of age or less.  They shall be made a member in good standing with all membership fees and assessments waived upon proof of current AMA membership.    All other membership requirements shall be met.

b).If the junior member continues schooling past the 18th birthday, their membership can be extended by vote each year until graduation or obtaining full time employment.


a).  Life memberships will be awarded to those individuals whom have been recommended by a member in good standing, seconded and voted upon by a majority present.  No dues or assessments will be required of a Life member and that member will enjoy all club privileges enjoyed in the past.  This is intended to apply to members in good standing whom for any reason are no longer able to fly R/C.


a). Officers will include a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Safety Officer.  There will also be a Board of Directors made up of the current Officers and three individuals who may be the three past officers, or elected from the membership.

b).The purpose of the Board of Directors is solely advisory in nature.  Neither the Board of Directors, nor the Officers may take actions without due process and majority vote by the members of the club.

All property, to include all moneys obtained by the Headwaters Radio Control Flying Club through dues, fund raisers , or any other method in which the club maintains an account with a treasury fund balance and all physical property, to include any and all items purchased, built, donated to, or possessed by the club is the property of the Headwaters R/C Flying Club.  No single individual member of the club may without claim of right, use, remove, take, transfer conceal or retain possession of any moveable property or treasury funds without a majority vote of the current members of the club.

Any actions by any member which may be deemed to violate this by-law may be subject to criminal prosecution and/or expulsion from the club, as determined by the Headwaters Radio Control Flying Club members.

Any member of the Headwaters R/C Flying Club can lose the privilege of membership in the club.  Disregard of these By-Laws, the Field Rules, a consistent lack of simple courtesy and wanton performance of unsafe acts may constitute reason to suspend, or revoke the privilege of membership. Memberships suspended or revoked will not be entitled to any return of membership dues or fees.  Suspension or revocation shall be determined by a 2/3rds majority silent vote of the membership present at a membership meeting.