Headwaters R/C Club
Blue Foamie page (Blue Foam Wonder)
This page contains links to 2 versions of the delta-wing foamie, often called the Blue Foam Wonder, used in contact combat and skills contests.

The original version was published online a number of years ago, scanned in and posted as a PDF file.  It contains information on building from scratch including material selection.

The V2 version is based on a kit developed and sold (in the past) by Mike Miller, which makes a few changes to the original design.  Since Mike did not document plans for his version, the parts required have been laid out based on measurements of the parts in his kit.

The main material used is building is Dow Bluecor fanfold insulation, 1/4 inch thick.  This material is getting hard to locate these days, and was originally sold as 2 foot x 4 foot panels in a fanfold bundle 50 feet long.  Each panel can be cut to build 2 planes if done carefully.